John Challis opens Albion House Building 2013

John Challis opens Albion House Building 2013

It was a ‘‘triffic’’ weekend for one Warwickshire firm when the opening of its new distribution centre took on an Only Fools and Horses theme.

Del Boy cocktails, the Nags Head bar and even the famous Trotter yellow three-wheeler helped make Saturday “cushty” for staff and visitors at Southam-based firm, Mask-arade.

But the highlight of the day was the special appearance of the TV sitcom’s much-loved car dealer Boycie.

Actor John Challis was invited to carry out the official opening ceremony of the new hub, which is next door to the firm’s headquarters in Southfield Road.

The celebrity mask making firm, which is celebrating its fifth year in business, made the £200,000 investment after enjoying another year of growth.

“It has been a great year for Mask-arade, particularly with the sales of our One Direction masks,” said director Dean Walton.

“We have also secured the licenses for a number of top football teams including Chelsea, which is fantastic.

“To keep up with demand, we have had to expand the business and open a new distribution centre and we decided that there wasn’t a better theme than Only Fools and Horses – which is one of our most successful range of masks.”

The firm has even named the new distribution centre Nelson Mandela House after the high -rise tower block in Peckham where Del Boy and Rodney lived.

During the open day, more than 200 people enjoyed cocktails and entertainment as well as a chance to meet Boycie and get signed copies of his two books.

The three company directors – Dean, Ray Duffy and Chris O’Nyan – first met John Challis after launching the show’s range of masks – which included Del Boy, Rodney, Uncle Albert, Boycie and Marlene.

19th Nov 2018 JA

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